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Post  Ahkanu on Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:09 pm

Anyone has the same problem?
I have been getting DC's all the time now. I can log in but when i'm ingame i get the DC.
If anyone is still in the game and able to play it? Or does someone know what might have happened?
I checked my internet connection and it's all fine there so that's not the problem.
Any help or clarification on this matter would be nice.

Update: I could login at one point and i was able to play longer then 10 seconds. Also did some messages appear on the guild chat but with a great delay. Now i'm thinking this could be related to internet problems. I will be going someplace else tomorrow evening and if the problem keeps occuring there then it is in fact not internet related and i will now for sure then. If that's the case i will have to wait for a answer to the ticket i have submitted on the gamigo website. I don't now how long that will take so if i'm inactive for some time then you will know the reason why.
I will still be trying to log in every now and then to see if the problem resolved itself or the Gamigo staff has fixed it before they replied it to me.

So for now i'll be of to do some other stuff. Hope to see you all again as soon as possible ingame. Have fun.

Sincerely Ahkanu

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Re: Disconnected

Post  Fox13 on Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:26 pm

ok good luck with this bro

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