Ventrillo server 2.1

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Ventrillo server 2.1

Post  Tanakaorii on Fri May 06, 2011 11:36 am

Hey guys & gals I have a ventrillo server if anyone's interested (got the approval from fox & soulke Razz )

so thats the info for it if you ever want to join in Wink

Status: ONLINE
IP / HOST: /
Port: 8474
slots: 35
voice codec: GSM 6.10 (11025 Hz, 16 bit) - 17.3kbit
server password: Phoenix

download link to ventrillo 2.1.4 client:

additional info: the server runs on a licensed 2.1 ventrillo version so it doesnt have the features like : music integration from winamp or media player however if you want I can upgrade it to 3.0 so youll have all that features ;p

well thats all from me for now ;p


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